Our Programs

Semper Liberi currently offers three recovery-based programs that are supportive services to substance abuse recovery.  Our programs are Transitional Housing Services, Workforce Reentry, and Transportation.



Our Transitional Housing Program (THP) provides sober living environments for people in recovery.  Without living arrangements that are supportive of recovery, it is more likely for someone to fall back into addiction.  While treatment’s advantages are overwhelmingly beneficial, it is imperative that those in recovery are able to maintain their progress in all other areas of life as well.  Semper Li believes that by providing sober living homes successful recovery is more obtainable. 


Semper Li has also introduced a workforce reentry program called Recovery Supportive Employment (RiSE).  We have chosen RiSE as one of our programs because Semper Li believes in the importance of reentering the workforce as a necessary part of recovery.  In order to assist those in recovery, Semper Li provides various job training resources such as resume building classes, interview practice, assisted job searching, budgeting, and partnering with several local businesses to help those in recovery find jobs.  These services are essential to wrap around recovery. 


Additionally, we offer TAP, our Transportation Assistance Program  within the Eastern Panhandle for participants in our program. Transportation is a key program because participants lack their own means of transportation to get to appointments, meetings, and other daily errands.  As Semper Li continues to grow, we expect to have several vehicles staffed by recovery coaches who will transport clients to their needed appointments.  


It is our hope that Semper Liberi will effectively combat the battle against the opioid epidemic in our area by providing these recovery supportive services.  If you are interested in being a part of one of these programs or would like to volunteer your time to one of these programs, visit our “Contact Us” page, and we will get back to you! We want to inspire people in recovery to live with freedom and purpose, and it starts with you!